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Marissa is a professional snowboarder with an emphasis on backcountry and freeriding. As a creative, she loves mixing style into all-terrain snowboarding. When not in front of the lens she writes and enjoys travel photography.

She calls Central Oregon home and has traveled around North America and the globe to explore new terrain via splitboard. Her favorite destinations have been the mountains of the Eastern Sierra, Slovakia, and British Columbia.

Her participation in high-caliber events like Natural Selection and Kings and Queens of Corbett's is balanced with expeditions, most recently to Denali and Northern Chile. She also enjoys sessioning grassroots set-ups and shoveling at events like Brain Bowl and Snowboy Productions. 

Growing up in Northern Michigan, she is accustomed to a lifestyle rich in the outdoors and specifically likes being in the woods. Her favorite place to be is just outside, whether it's on her snowmobile, deep winter camping, or mountain biking in the summer.

Being in the middle of nowhere as a backcountry snowboarder demands you to be self-sufficient yet an asset as a crew member, something she honed during her twelve summers of wildland firefighting and in aviation support roles.

An adaptable and well-rounded rider, Marissa has fun with whatever terrain, conditions, or weather comes her way. Her goal is to continue bringing an honest and hard-working attitude to snowboard culture and expand her creative contributions to the industry with writing and photos.

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